The Bonsai Supply offers its SERVICES AT THE STORE in the following:

Consulting (FREE)
Bring your tree and ask all the questions you may have about it. We are here to help.
Bonsai Maintenance/ Styling
Repotting (Soil included)
Up to 8in pot - $10
Up to 14in pot - $15
Up to 20in pot - $25
22in pot and up - $35
**Prices may slightly vary according to the tree root system**
Wiring/ Trimming (Wire included)
$40 per hour.
Bonsai Sitting
Leave your Bonsai with us and enjoy your trip! Price depends on size ($2-$5 per day & per tree). Weekly & Monthly quotes available.
Special Events
Give the Bonsai touch to your special event. Bonsai centerpieces (Rent or Buy), favors, corporate gifts. Talk to us about your coming event and we will work with your budget.