Bonsai Pots

Choosing the right-sized Bonsai pot is an important task. What size should the pot be and should it be glazed or unglazed?

How big should a Bonsai pot be?
A Bonsai pot should be large enough to allow the current root system of your Bonsai to stretch its legs a little.

Should I get a bigger pot when repotting my tree?
Whether you should repot your Bonsai into a larger pot or keep it in the same-sized pot it currently is in depends on the age and type of your tree, how root-bound your tree is and whether you’d like your tree to get bigger or stay the same size. 
Repotting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to increase the size of your pot. If you have an established Bonsai and do regular root-pruning when you repot, your Bonsai, in theory, can live happily in the same-sized pot indefinitely.

Rule of thumb: The bigger the pot, the longer your tree can go between watering. In certain situations, such as extreme heat and low humidity, it makes sense to consider a pot that is slightly larger than usual.