Bonsai Care

• How to keep my Bonsai happy
• Why does my Bonsai have yellow leaves?
• Why does my Bonsai have brown leaves?
• Understanding the language of the leaves
• Is my tree dead?

Watering & Feeding

• Watering your Bonsai
• Fertilizing your Bonsai

Placement of your Bonsai

• Indoors
• Outdoors
• Lighting conditions

Bonsai Pots

• How to choose the right Bonsai pot for your tree

Tools & Supplies

• Most important Bonsai tools and supplies

Soil & Repotting

• Coarse soil
• Black soil
• Repotting your tree

Seasonal Care

• Spring
• Summer
• Fall
• Winter

Pests & Insects

• What type of insects can my tree get and how do I cure/ prevent it?
• Insecticide, what to use?

Pruning & Styling

• Knowing when to prune
• Pruning your Bonsai
• How to style your Bonsai
• Wiring


• How to preserve your deadwood