Bonsai Tips

Bonsai Tree Maintenance/ Fertilizer Application And Insect Control


Jerome talks about the importance of fertilizer application and insect prevention for your bonsai trees.

Watering System for Bonsai Trees at The Bonsai Supply

Jerome shows the watering system for the bonsai at the store. He talks about the material needed, and tips to install it.

Adenium Bonsai Root Training Tips

Jerome explains the steps he uses to develop a good root system in his adeniums, also known as desert roses.

Bonsai Prep for Hurricane Season in Florida

Hurricane season 2018 in Florida started June, 1st and it will end November 30th. As Bonsai owners, it is important to know some tips to prepare our Bonsais for a hurricane.

How do I water my Bonsai Tree?

One of the most asked questions is "How do I water my tree".

Coarse Soil? Which soil is best for Bonsai?

We'll show you why we use coarse soil and what the difference is with black soil?

How to apply Lime Sulfur to preserve deadwood in your Bonsai Tree. Vitex Bonsai Transformation.

Jerome shows you how to apply Lime Sulfur to preserve deadwood in your Bonsai Tree. He will be demonstrating the application on his Vitex Bonsai, and sharing its transformation.

Toby Diaz and his Bonsai tips

Toby's Interview at The Bonsai Supply. He shares his bonsai beginnings, advices for a beginner, tips, and more!

Rob Kempinski Bonsai Tips!

Rob Kempinski visited The Bonsai Supply and shared some tips with us

Jade Bonsai Starter Kit - How to use it

Jerome from The Bonsai Supply explains how to use your bonsai starter kit.

Adam Lavigne and his Bonsai Tips

Adam shares his bonsai beginnings, advices for beginner, soil tips, and more!

Jerome Kellerhals and his Bonsai Tips