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Jaboticaba Bonsai Demo By Vladimir Foursa

We invited Vladimir Foursa to our store, curator from the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Florida. He gives a demonstration on a Jaboticaba tree, sharing his knowdlege in this specie, and bonsai in general. Check out the finished piece!

Bonsai Cypress Forest Demo by Toby Diaz


Bonsai Holidays at The Bonsai Supply - Juniper Demo

Because Holidays are all about giving...The Bonsai Supply celebrated its Bonsai Holidays by reuniting different bonsai artists for a cause! We started the afternoon with a Juniper Demo by Adam Lavigne, the finished tree was raffled off. We also had a styling competition where the finished trees went to an auction to benefit Good Karma Pet Rescue. We had dogs and cats available for adoption on site. It was a fun afternoon! If you came, thank you so much for being part of it. If you couldn't make or live far, we hope you enjoy this little summary of that beautiful day!

Bougainvillea Bonsai Demo by Tony Green

Do you love Bougainvilleas? Tony Green is a Floridian Bonsai Artist that helped us at our Opening Day by giving a very informative demo about bougainvillea bonsais.

Juniper Bonsai Demo By Taiga Urushibata at the US Bonsai National Exhibition 2018

For a great closure of our experience at the Bonsai National Exhibition 2018, we wanted to share with you the Juniper Bonsai Demonstration by Taiga Urushibata from Japan. Great Bonsai Artist that will show you the magic of the deadwood.

Juniper Bonsai Demo by Mauro Stemberger at the 6th US Bonsai National Exhibition

More of our experience at the Bonsai National Exhibition 2018!. This time with a Juniper Bonsai Demonstration by Mauro Stemberger from Italy. He is very informative and entertaining.

Bonsai Containers Demonstration at the 6th US Bonsai National Exhibition

More of our experience at the Bonsai National Exhbition 2018!. This time with a Bonsai Containers Demonstration by Michael Ryan Bell from Mississippi. It's incredible the different types of containers out there.

Ed trout's Juniper Bonsai Demo

Ed Trout visited The Bonsai Supply store to give a bonsai demonstration. The tree worked on was a Juniper. Join him in the styling of this tree and see its transformation.

Buttonwood Bonsai Demo by Mary Madison

Mary Madison visited The Bonsai Supply, and gave a Demonstration in a Buttonwood.

How to make a Bonsai Pot with Ellen Cohen


Jade (portulacaria afra) Bonsai Demo by Toby Diaz


Ficus Philippinensis Bonsai Demo With Rob Kempinski

Bonsai demo about Ficus Phillipinensis at The Bonsai Supply. We are located in Oakland Park, Florida.

Bougainvillea Bonsai Demo with Adam Lavigne