Important Bonsai Tools & Supplies

It is very important that you use the right tool for the right job.

Probably the most important Bonsai tool is a pair of scissors. Your tree will grow and you will have to trim and shape it.

Another important tool is a Concave Cutter. It allows you to cut thicker branches with ease and also allows you to cut a branch flush to the trunk.

A Knob Cutter is the perfect tool for removal of large roots and ugly die back on a tree. The melon scoop like tip of the tool allows you to dig deep into the trunk to allow for a nicer healing in the future.

A Root Hook is used to loosen the old soil from the roots when repotting.
This tool can also be used when a tree is completely root-bound to loosen the roots by running the hook along the inside of the pot.

A Root Rake with Tweezers is a versatile tool. On one side the rake can be used to loosen the soil from the roots, the tweezers on the other end can be used to pluck weeds, remove old needles from a pine and even help with wiring a very small bonsai called Shohin or Mame.

Pliers are used for various tasks. They can be used to tie your tree into the pot. The long handle and the rounded plier front will allow you to get very close to the trunk of the tree and tie your tree into position without hurting the tree.
Pliers can also be used to crush the bark to create deadwood.

The Wire Cutter is a necessary tool to either cut through wire with ease or remove wire from the branches. Make sure that you don’t unwrap the wire, cut it in little sections.