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An old American Elm Bonsai Makeover

It was time to work in this beautiful piece from Jerome's collection. This American Elm was started by Ed Trout (great bonsai artist in Florida) as a cutting 30 years ago. Jerome shares his experience and vision for this tree. You will see defoliation, and wiring process with the help of his wife, Mari, and a special furry guest, West. Mari and Jerome are active fosters and volunteers for Good Karma Pet Rescue in South Florida. If you are looking to adopt, please visit goodkarmapetrescue.org

100+ Years Old Thai Adenium Socotranum/ Desert Rose Bonsai

100+ years old Thai Socotranum Adenium gets new shoes. It also gets trimmed, and repotted by Jerome and Mari

An Old Collected Bottle Brush | From Yamadori to Bonsai

An old collected Bottle Brush is getting its very first styling by Jerome

Green Mound Ficus Root Over Statue Makeover


Desert Rose/ Adenium Bonsai Makeover

Adenium Bonsai (Desert Rose) Wiring and Repotting

100+ year old Collected Pond Cypress Bonsai Makeover

It's the time of the year to work on Cypresses! Jerome repots, and works the deadwood on this Bald Cypress.

Bonsai Makeover - Operculicarya Decaryi/ Elephant Tree

Jerome shows you the transformation of a Operculicarya Decaryi tree, also known as Elephant Tree. He focuses in the bonsai wiring, repotting, and vision for the tree.

Sea Hibiscus Tiliaceus Bonsai Makeover


Chinese Elm Root Over Rock!

Jerome shows you a Chinese Elm Root Over Rock Bonsai makeover. He talks about repotting, branch placement, development tips, and shares his vision with you.

Leaf Ficus Makeover


Vitex Bonsai Makeover


Ficus Bonsai - Brick on The Wall

Jerome shows you an unusual bonsai style, "Root on the Wall

Desert Rose (Adenium) Bonsai Makeover


Ficus Benjamina Bonsai Makeover

Jerome receives a Ficus Benjamina that hasn't been repotted in 14 years. A challenge indeed!

Vitex Bonsai Makeover - Windswept Styling


Repotting my Adenium Bonsai

Repotting & Styling of a Willow Leaf Ficus Bonsai

Willow Leaf Ficus is also known as Ficus Nerifolia, or Mexican Ficus. This bonsai is known for its elongated, light green leaves and its tall trunk. The structure gives it a very appealing and sharp look. It is very forgiving and thrives in indoor conditions.

Thai Socotranum Adenium Bonsai - Part I

Jerome shows you how you would get your Adenium from Thailand, what to do once you have it, and tips for its development.

Thai Adenium Bonsai (Part II) Next Step