Pruning & Styling

Knowing when to prune

One of the most common mistakes of beginners is that they never let the tree grow. A tree should always be allowed to grow in between trimmings so that it can gain strength. If a tree is being trimmed constantly as soon as it starts to grow, the tree becomes very weak over time and will most likely die.

So, how do I know when it is time for my tree to be pruned?
In the picture below, you can see that there are many branches leaving the canopy and that the canopy is slowly losing shape, but can still be seen. At this point, the tree was able to stretch its legs, so to speak, and now it is a good time to trim the tree back into shape. This way the tree will thank you very soon. What will end up happening is that after you let the tree grow out of its shape a bit and then by trimming it back, it will produce more leaves and branches to fill out the canopy more. The more you do this process, the faster you can develop a beautiful dense canopy.

Pruning your Bonsai

Your Bonsai can be easily styled by hedge pruning the canopy, trimming back individual branches, removing unwanted branches or wiring certain branches. This is best shown in a YouTube video!

YouTube video coming soon

How to style your Bonsai

Styling a Bonsai solely depends on the style you are trying to achieve and is best taught in a video.


Wiring your Bonsai is a very important task. It can help you style and design your tree in no time. When wiring your branches, you can add shape to them and create the most incredible styles.

YouTube Video coming soon

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