Watering & Fertilizing Bonsai Trees

Watering your Bonsai

For best results use a watering wand with a soft shower setting or a watering can with a soft shower setup. For most species only the soil surface should be watered. For Junipers and Pines, the soil surface should be watered and the needles should be misted.
When watering your tree, make sure to give it a good soaking of water until the excess water starts to run from the bottom holes of the pot.

Your Bonsai should be watered every day before 11 am if it is kept outdoors! If you are keeping your Bonsai indoors, your tree should be watered every 3 - 4 days or when the top layer of the soil is dry.

Feeding your Bonsai

Your Bonsai has to be fed at least once a month with a quality Bonsai fertilizer. We recommend that you start feeding your trees when your first spring growth has hardened and stop fertilizing about 30 days before your Bonsai goes to sleep. The fertilizing schedule is different from climate to climate. In Florida we start fertilizing in March and we stop fertilizing in November.

When you apply fertilizer to your Bonsai, make sure you donate a spoon just to your fertilizer. Protect your hands with rubber gloves if you are applying the fertilizer by hand.

Our fertilizer is recommended to be applied by measuring the length of the pot. Use 1 teaspoon for every 4” pot length. A Bonsai in an 8” Bonsai pot would receive 2 teaspoons of fertilizer. A Bonsai in a 12” bonsai pot would receive 3 teaspoons of fertilizer.